My career long passion has been ‘Transforming Technology into Profit’, creating new technologies and building new businesses from them. I have led many business functions during my career, including technology, general management, operations, sales and business development, including several years of C-level strategic leadership, so I have seen things from both sides of the technology fence'.

'During my 30 years in industry, I have read plenty of books on innovation and new product development, sat through many seminars and worked with plenty of consultants and experts in the field. All very well thought out, well researched and presented. But whenever I went back to my day job and tried to implement what I had learnt, it was not easy. I discovered many barriers which slowed project progress, many challenges that prevented successful project implementation, and many negative attitudes that blocked or brought down great ideas. I discovered that these ‘how to’ books and training seminars, presented an idealised version of the new product development process, but in the real world I found the things they taught often too complex, too academic, too clever and offering too many confusing tools and techniques to really be useful or practical in real business situations, and consequently saw many companies struggle to implement them effectively. I was therefore motivated to launch TTIP Consulting to bring a more realistic approach to facilitating innovation and new product development and to help those thousands of businesses worldwide who are struggling with implementing these processes'.

'For innovation and new product development to be successful, of course process is important. All the templates, spreadsheets and checklists that consultants typically use are important for bringing order to the chaos and for helping to make sense of the huge amounts of data you have to work through, but all of this will not bring you success on its own, will not deliver you successful new products. Why? Because innovation is primarily about people. You can bring all the process you want to the party, but if you do not have the skills and experience to get people to work together and to buy into the new process, success will not follow. With 30 years’ experience in refining the process of innovation and putting it into practice in work places all over the world, this is what TTIP Consulting can bring that other consultancies do not'.

'I know our approach works because the products that I and my teams developed for companies have sold hundreds of millions of dollars around the world. You can learn more about our unique approach in my book ‘Transforming Technology into Profit’, available now on Amazon’. 

Dr Andy Wynn, MD and Founder, TTIP Consulting

Andy has published more than 60 technical papers and articles, many translated into multiple languages, and is a regular presenter at major industry conferences on the subjects of innovation and new product development.

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